New Gourmet Food Truck in the OC: Chomp Chomp Nation

The latest food truck roaming the OC is Chomp Chomp Nation. Chomp Chomp provides fun, delicious, American classics with a twist of Singapore hawker carts. In Singapore and Malaysia, the hawkers’ food stands have become so successful that many have chosen to set up shop more premanently in what they call a “Hawker Center”.

Some items that Chomp Chomp Nation offers hot off their truck are: Chili Crab Sliders; Chicken, Rib Eye & Tofu Satay; Sloppy Joes; Kaya French Toast; Sambal Shrimp PoBoys; and Singapore S’mores. Chomp Chomp Nation uses Sadie Rose’s challah dinner roll for their Chili Crab Sliders & Sloppy Joes our brioche for their Kaya French Toast.

They also offer premium catering services for office, wedding, non-profits, fund raisers, corporate conferences, school lunch programs, and parties.