“Bread is the warmest, kindest of words. Write it always with a capital letter, like your own name.”
– from a Russian café sign

At Sadie Rose Baking Company, we bake handmade breads fresh every day, the way bread has been made for centuries in Europe. We use the finest all natural ingredients and leaven our doughs with natural starters. Our skilled artisan bakers then shape each loaf by hand to preserve the open, airy structure of the dough. The loaves are allowed to rise slowly to enhance the complex flavors of the wheat. Finally, the bread is scored by hand and baked in our French stone-hearth oven to create its beautiful caramel-colored, crunchy crust.

The result of all this care and effort is exceptional artisan bread that is the choice of Southern California’s most demanding chefs. You will find our bread served at fine restaurants and hotels throughout Southern California. You can buy Sadie Rose breads for your own table at select farmer’s markets and specialty markets in San Diego County. Bread is one of the best and simplest pleasures in life. Such small delights are often lost in the daily rush. We are dedicated to bringing back the simple pleasure of truly great bread.

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